Friday, 29 December 2017

How to change Brother MFC Inkjet Printer’s ink cartridge?

Brother MFC Inkjet Printers are considered as one of the best printers because they are multi-functional. In other words, besides printing docs, we can scan, copy and fax documents without any interruption. Before printing using this printer, first manually check the ink in the ink cartridges because if ink level is low then definitely you can’t get desired printouts.
Although you can manually replace ink cartridges without any inconvenience if any problem occurs then it is suggested to contact experts. To restore the printer to full operation, you can also ask for support from experts by calling on Brother Printer Technical Support Number 1-855-213-4314. In this blog, we are discussing how to change Brother printer’s ink cartridges.

Let’ s see the process of changing Brother MFC Inkjet Printer’s Ink cartridges –
1. Bring a new ink cartridge for your printer. To find out which ink cartridge needs to be replaced, you will receive a message regarding this on the LCD display screen.
2. Now, open printer’s compartment to change the ink cartridges. In some models of printer, you have to lift flatbed scanner to check the ink cartridges. Some printers’ ink compartment is located on the right side.
3. To remove the empty ink cartridge, you have to gently pull out the cartridge from the printer and then throw into the trash.
4. Now, take the new ink cartridge and peel off the tape that is attached to the contact points.
5. Check the color of receptacles that contain ink cartridges. It is suggested to pick the cartridges of one color only. Next, to slide tank into the machine, use the guiding arrows that are present on the ink cartridge. Push the cartridge gently into Brother printer.
6. After inserting cartridges, you have to close locking latches. Also, close the flatbed door that is located in the ink cartridges area.
7. Now, look at printer’s display because here you will see a message if cartridges have to insert properly or not. Now, follow on-screen instructions and when everything gets finished, just print a test page.
Although Brother Printer installation software is also used to sort out all technical hassles. But if you need valuable suggestions from experts then contact Brother Printer Technical Support Number. Hence, whenever you experience any problem with the printer then feel free to Contact Brother Printer Support and troubleshoot all snags instantly.
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