Tuesday, 19 December 2017

How to troubleshoot Samsung printer annoyances?

Samsung printer is best- known for their qualitative features and outstanding performance and this is the reason they are high in demand. Despite amazing qualities, these printers to suffer from technical glitches that often disturb a user. Whenever you face any issue with your printer then reach out to Samsung Printer Technical Support Number and resolve them instantly.

Although it is very easy to resolve Samsung Printer issues, let’s see how -
Printer does not print appropriately -

If your printer is not responding to printing commands that you supply from your system then check power cord is properly connected to outlet or not. At the time when you power on the printer, wait for a few moments so that printer can prepare for printing. If still printer is not performing any action after giving commands, then replace the old Ethernet cable with a new one and then connect the printer to PC in a fresh way.

There exist paper jam issue -

If you are facing paper jam issues with your printer then firstly ensure that you are using the correct size of paper in the printer tray. Sometimes, the printer itself pick extra sheets and this is responsible for creating paper jams. Also, avoid poor quality paper for printing because poor quality paper get struck into the printer and this can cause paper jams.

There exist blank pages issue -

If your printer is not printing anything then it might be possible that ink cartridge has become empty. To resolve such error, refill or replace the ink cartridge. If you don’t know how to refill printer cartridge then immediately call at Samsung Printer Technical Support Number and receive the best method from experts.

Troubleshoot Samsung Printer in the easiest way -

1.Make sure your printer is free from paper jam. If print jobs are set previously then delete them. To erase printing jobs, move to printer’s control box and then press double click on your printer ‘s name. Choose all printing jobs and tap on Delete.
2.After erasing printing jobs, turn off the printer and unplug from the power supply. Now wait for 30 seconds and then reconnect everything.
3.Repeat the same thing with your system too. Close all applications and shut down your system. Now, reconnect your printer to PC.
4.Again, move to printer’s control panel, select your printer and click on Delete option.
5.Now, you have to add your printer in a fresh way by clicking on “Add printer wizard”.
6.After this, navigate to Samsung Printer’s official website and search the latest driver according to your printer model number. For updating Printer’s driver, press a right click on your printer’s icon and then click on Properties. Next, tap on “Update Driver” and update the drivers.

Eliminate Printing inconveniences by approaching on Samsung Printer Technical Support Number

If you are giving a printing command and still your printer is not responding then you should understand there is some technical problem with your printer. In such circumstances, if you find it difficult to fix printing annoyances on your own then achieve the professional support by making a call on Samsung Printer Technical Support Number 1-855-213-4314. Call us and enjoy hassle-free printing with Samsung printer.

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