Tuesday, 26 December 2017

How to troubleshoot HP Laser-jet 4300 error codes?

HP Wireless printers are quite popular across the globe due to their astounding features. As HP printers are also an electronic device so the problem can arise at any moment. Whenever you face any problem with your HP Laser-jet then take the experts advice by calling on HP Printer Technical Support Number 1-855-213-4314 and get them resolve in a shortest possible time.

Let’s have a look at the common error codes that a user often experience with HP Laser-jet 4300 printer -

1. Printer Maintenance error message – If you see maintenance error message on your printer then don’t get worried. This error occurs when there is need to install a new maintenance kit because the old one has expired. To fix this error, just replace HP printer’s maintenance kit and enjoy hassle-free printing.

2. Error 50.1 – If you see error 50.1 while using HP Laser-jet 4300 printer then you should understand the problem is related to fuser assembly. Generally, the main work of fuser assembly is to bond the toner with paper. If due to any reason fuser gets defected and unable to reach to a particular temperature then error 50.1 faced by users. Although there may be various reasons behind fuser error, so you should contact experts to get the perfect solution.

3. Error 50.2 – If you are seeing fuser error 50.2 on the display then problem is related to power supply, DC controller or fuser assembly. When this error occurs then instead of using your mind, get the professional support by talking to technical executives.

4. Error 60.2 – If you are facing this error while using HP Laser-jet 4300 printer, then you should understand there is some problem in the functioning of lifter motor. It might be possible that lifter motor is faulty or there is some problem with any part of lifter motor. To fix this error, take the experts suggestions because only professionals can provide you right solutions.

5. Network Connection is lost – When HP Laser-jet printer loses network connection then to fix this problem you have to modify the network configuration settings.

6.Printer is displaying grinding noise – If a grinding sound is coming from printer then don’t be nervous because it is a common problem. This problem can occur due to fuser assembly or swing plate assembly. To resolve the grinding noise problem, replace the order of fuser assembly and swing plate assembly. If the problem does not fix then immediately contact experts.

To keep your printer in the sound state, professional assistance is needed and that you can avail by approaching HP printer Technical Support Number.

HP Printer Technical Support – One Stop Solution for all HP Printer Obstacles

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