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How to solve complex issues of Kodak Printer?

Kodak printers are fairly popular among printer users thanks to the brand value and affordable prices for innovative technology. These printers have become more common due to advancement in technology which subsequently brought the prices down. People use printers as a peripheral device to their computer and use to print out a hard copy of their important documents and files. Kodak printers are one of the finest combination of technology and design to provide a complete package and fairly easy to use the machine to the users. These printers even though being of great quality tends to malfunction over the course of use. The main reason depends on the design which is a combination of hardware bundled together along with a software program to control this hardware. Users and consumers have complained about various printer issues they face on a day-to-day basis. Are you having trouble with your Kodak Printer? No need to worry as Kodak Printer Tech support is going to provide a detailed description of some of the complex issues faced by Kodak Printer users. Follow the set of instructions mentioned in the following section to resolve your printer problems.
Complex Kodak Printer issues and possible solution:
Here, I will discuss some of the complex problems faced by the Kodak printer users along with the cause of the issue and a possible solution. So follow these queries carefully:
  1. Kodak Printer is not printing properly: The issue of Kodak printers stopping to print abruptly without any prior notice can be a result of signal transfer lost between the computer and the printer. Printers use spooler to communicate with the computer, so make sure to check the spooler functionality of your printer. Reset if you need to. If your printer is wireless make sure that your computer and Kodak printer is connected to same wifi network. This error could also attribute to driver corruption or malfunction so make sure to update your driver printers from the official website to the latest available version.
  2. Ink Level is low: The low ink level is flashed on your printer screen as a warning that the ink levels in the cartridge are going to end soon and you have to replace it with a new one. Generally, printer ink cartridges have a minimum mark for warning when the ink level reaches that, you instantly get a message. At times the message can be false too if there are dust particles on the nozzle or the strip of paper is not removed from the ink toner container at the time of installment. So whenever you see this message, open your cartridge and make sure the ink levels are fine if not replace it with a new one.
  3. Poor Quality of printing: This is one of the most common and frequently encountered by the users. This issue can be related to a mismatch in settings or a bad printhead. In order to resolve the issue, make sure your printer settings are properly adjusted to the required quality. If the settings part is corrected and you still face the issue, then check your printhead for any smudge or jam. Clean it carefully using a piece of cloth soaked in warm water.
  4. Paper jam issue: Another very common printing problem faced by users and could occur due to a number of reasons like, overstuffing of paper tray, paper tray getting blocked due to dust and paper particles, the paper used is of not good quality or as per the guidance provided by the printer manufacturer, using the wrong dimension of paper for printing. In order to resolve the issue, open your paper tray and clean it thoroughly and make sure no bits of paper or waste paper is stuck anywhere. Never overstuff your paper tray and use the prescribed size and dimension for printing.
These are some the common yet complex issues faced by the Kodak Printer users with a possible solution to that issue. Hopefully, these helped you to resolve the problem. In case you did not understand these steps or your problem is more complex, Contact Kodak Printer Tech Support for complete assistance. Kodak Printer Support is a third party technical assistance provider with a group of dedicated printer engineers. These printer engineers have years of expertise in resolving complex issues related to printer and providing appropriate and long-term solutions at affordable prices. Kodak Printer Support understands that printers are a machine and may malfunction at any point of time, keeping these attributes in mind, Kodak Printer Support has made its service availability for 24*7 round the clock and 365 days throughout the year. Feel free to give us a call at the toll-free number 1-855-213-4314 and see all your printer problems vanish away.
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Friday, 29 December 2017

How to change Brother MFC Inkjet Printer’s ink cartridge?

Brother MFC Inkjet Printers are considered as one of the best printers because they are multi-functional. In other words, besides printing docs, we can scan, copy and fax documents without any interruption. Before printing using this printer, first manually check the ink in the ink cartridges because if ink level is low then definitely you can’t get desired printouts.
Although you can manually replace ink cartridges without any inconvenience if any problem occurs then it is suggested to contact experts. To restore the printer to full operation, you can also ask for support from experts by calling on Brother Printer Technical Support Number 1-855-213-4314. In this blog, we are discussing how to change Brother printer’s ink cartridges.

Let’ s see the process of changing Brother MFC Inkjet Printer’s Ink cartridges –
1. Bring a new ink cartridge for your printer. To find out which ink cartridge needs to be replaced, you will receive a message regarding this on the LCD display screen.
2. Now, open printer’s compartment to change the ink cartridges. In some models of printer, you have to lift flatbed scanner to check the ink cartridges. Some printers’ ink compartment is located on the right side.
3. To remove the empty ink cartridge, you have to gently pull out the cartridge from the printer and then throw into the trash.
4. Now, take the new ink cartridge and peel off the tape that is attached to the contact points.
5. Check the color of receptacles that contain ink cartridges. It is suggested to pick the cartridges of one color only. Next, to slide tank into the machine, use the guiding arrows that are present on the ink cartridge. Push the cartridge gently into Brother printer.
6. After inserting cartridges, you have to close locking latches. Also, close the flatbed door that is located in the ink cartridges area.
7. Now, look at printer’s display because here you will see a message if cartridges have to insert properly or not. Now, follow on-screen instructions and when everything gets finished, just print a test page.
Although Brother Printer installation software is also used to sort out all technical hassles. But if you need valuable suggestions from experts then contact Brother Printer Technical Support Number. Hence, whenever you experience any problem with the printer then feel free to Contact Brother Printer Support and troubleshoot all snags instantly.

Introduction of Multi-functional Eco Tank Printer – Epson Printer Support

If you are a printer user then there is a good news for you all i.e., Epson has introduced a new multi-functional printer and that is “Eco Tank Printer”. If you want to print everyday documents then Eco Tank Printer is the right choice for you. This printer comprises of exceptional qualities i.e., there is no need to fill ink in cartridges for 2 years. In other words, you don’t have to check ink cartridges from time to time because this printer can print continuously for 2 years. Generally, a user gets irritated by refilling ink in ink cartridge but with the development of Eco Tank Printer, this problem is vanished away completely. If you want to know more about Eco Tank Printer then Contact Epson Printer Support Number 1-855-213-4314.
Some stunning features of Eco Tank Printer-
1.Size is small as compared to other printers
2.Printing quality is amazing
3.Productivity is
4.Enhanced design
5.Highly efficient
6.Print effortlessly on different types of paper
7.Ideal for personal and official use
8.No warm-up time is needed to initiate printing
9.Best printer for printing documents, photographs.
10.Contains large ink bottles
11.Easily connected to WiFi or Ethernet
12.Easy to afford
Here we have listed some other models of Eco Tank Printer with their price-
1.ET-7700 printer – $799
2.ET-7750 printer – $999
3.ET-4500 printer – $499
4.ET-4750 printer – $699
5.ET-2750 printer – $449
6.ET-2700 printer – $449
7.ET-3700 printer – $549
8.ET-2650 printer – $449
9.ET-2610 printer – $399
Although each model has different features but if want to know more about any particular model then contact Epson Printer Technical Support Number.
Epson Printer Customer Support – A way to troubleshoot all Printing Hassles
Is your Epson printer printing slowly or not printing at all? Then instead of getting worried, seek the professional help by calling on Epson Printer Technical Support Number. Here a team of experts is available to help users so that they can enjoy error-free printing with Epson printer. Our experts have exceptional work knowledge and this is the reason they first analyze the problem and then offer the instantaneous solution to each and every user. So, what are you waiting for, just grab the advantages of comprehensive support from Epson Printer Customer Support team and fix all tribulations in a hassle-free manner.

Tuesday, 26 December 2017

How to troubleshoot HP Laser-jet 4300 error codes?

HP Wireless printers are quite popular across the globe due to their astounding features. As HP printers are also an electronic device so the problem can arise at any moment. Whenever you face any problem with your HP Laser-jet then take the experts advice by calling on HP Printer Technical Support Number 1-855-213-4314 and get them resolve in a shortest possible time.

Let’s have a look at the common error codes that a user often experience with HP Laser-jet 4300 printer -

1. Printer Maintenance error message – If you see maintenance error message on your printer then don’t get worried. This error occurs when there is need to install a new maintenance kit because the old one has expired. To fix this error, just replace HP printer’s maintenance kit and enjoy hassle-free printing.

2. Error 50.1 – If you see error 50.1 while using HP Laser-jet 4300 printer then you should understand the problem is related to fuser assembly. Generally, the main work of fuser assembly is to bond the toner with paper. If due to any reason fuser gets defected and unable to reach to a particular temperature then error 50.1 faced by users. Although there may be various reasons behind fuser error, so you should contact experts to get the perfect solution.

3. Error 50.2 – If you are seeing fuser error 50.2 on the display then problem is related to power supply, DC controller or fuser assembly. When this error occurs then instead of using your mind, get the professional support by talking to technical executives.

4. Error 60.2 – If you are facing this error while using HP Laser-jet 4300 printer, then you should understand there is some problem in the functioning of lifter motor. It might be possible that lifter motor is faulty or there is some problem with any part of lifter motor. To fix this error, take the experts suggestions because only professionals can provide you right solutions.

5. Network Connection is lost – When HP Laser-jet printer loses network connection then to fix this problem you have to modify the network configuration settings.

6.Printer is displaying grinding noise – If a grinding sound is coming from printer then don’t be nervous because it is a common problem. This problem can occur due to fuser assembly or swing plate assembly. To resolve the grinding noise problem, replace the order of fuser assembly and swing plate assembly. If the problem does not fix then immediately contact experts.

To keep your printer in the sound state, professional assistance is needed and that you can avail by approaching HP printer Technical Support Number.

HP Printer Technical Support – One Stop Solution for all HP Printer Obstacles

Is your HP Printer not printing properly? Well, it becomes very frustrating when HP printer’s performance get degrade due to technical problems. But instead of worrying, just call at HP Printer Customer Support Number and sort out all printing tribulations. For quick relief, get in touch with our experts and get your HP printer fixed. So, what are you waiting for, just call us and enjoy hassle-free printing with HP Printer.

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Wednesday, 20 December 2017

How to repair Samsung Laser Printer’s LSU Error codes?

Samsung Laser Printer is known as the best printing device due to its innovative inbuilt technology and this is the reason these printers are quite high in demand. Sometimes, a user gets worried when LSU error codes occur while using the printer.

LSU or laser beam scanning unit is the most important part of the printer and without this, you can’t print even single paper. There are various LSU error codes that often create obstacle while printing. In this blog, we are discussing how to troubleshoot printer’s LSU error codes in a simplified manner.

Let’s see how to resolve common Samsung printer ‘s LSU error codes -

Resolve Compatibility issues - If you see “Toner cartridge is not compatible” error message then it might be possible you have installed other brand toner. For Samsung printers, use only Samsung toner.

Fix Line error code – If you are seeing this error then you must understand that your printer is not connected to the remote device due to some problem with the phone line. In such circumstances, turn on ECM mode as this will help to resolve line code error.

Resolve Memory Full error – When you see “memory full error” then you have to clear print queue and after this divide the transmission mode into different operations.

Diagnose no answer error - This error occurs when you receive fax and that are not answered even after the redialing process. To resolve this error, you need to check entire receiving machine. If the receiving machine is not in operational mode then contact Samsung Printer Technical Support Number.

Troubleshoot Operation not assigned error - When this error occurs you have to check entire display mode if still any task is scheduled or not. Because it is necessary to check display mode is changing into the standing mode or not.

If after applying techniques you are unable to resolve your printer’s LSU codes then get the perfect solution by making a call on Samsung Printer Technical Support Number.

Samsung Printer Support – A Perfect Solution Point to Eliminate Printing Inconveniences

Are you facing paper jamming issue with your printer? Don’t get worried, just call at Samsung Printer Technical Support Number and receive the effective solution from top-notched experts. You can easily get rid of all worrisome troubles simply by making a call on Samsung Printer Technical Support Number. Why do think too much when you can receive professional support in a single call. Just communicate us and enjoy trouble-free printing with your printer.

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Tuesday, 19 December 2017

How to troubleshoot Samsung printer annoyances?

Samsung printer is best- known for their qualitative features and outstanding performance and this is the reason they are high in demand. Despite amazing qualities, these printers to suffer from technical glitches that often disturb a user. Whenever you face any issue with your printer then reach out to Samsung Printer Technical Support Number and resolve them instantly.

Although it is very easy to resolve Samsung Printer issues, let’s see how -
Printer does not print appropriately -

If your printer is not responding to printing commands that you supply from your system then check power cord is properly connected to outlet or not. At the time when you power on the printer, wait for a few moments so that printer can prepare for printing. If still printer is not performing any action after giving commands, then replace the old Ethernet cable with a new one and then connect the printer to PC in a fresh way.

There exist paper jam issue -

If you are facing paper jam issues with your printer then firstly ensure that you are using the correct size of paper in the printer tray. Sometimes, the printer itself pick extra sheets and this is responsible for creating paper jams. Also, avoid poor quality paper for printing because poor quality paper get struck into the printer and this can cause paper jams.

There exist blank pages issue -

If your printer is not printing anything then it might be possible that ink cartridge has become empty. To resolve such error, refill or replace the ink cartridge. If you don’t know how to refill printer cartridge then immediately call at Samsung Printer Technical Support Number and receive the best method from experts.

Troubleshoot Samsung Printer in the easiest way -

1.Make sure your printer is free from paper jam. If print jobs are set previously then delete them. To erase printing jobs, move to printer’s control box and then press double click on your printer ‘s name. Choose all printing jobs and tap on Delete.
2.After erasing printing jobs, turn off the printer and unplug from the power supply. Now wait for 30 seconds and then reconnect everything.
3.Repeat the same thing with your system too. Close all applications and shut down your system. Now, reconnect your printer to PC.
4.Again, move to printer’s control panel, select your printer and click on Delete option.
5.Now, you have to add your printer in a fresh way by clicking on “Add printer wizard”.
6.After this, navigate to Samsung Printer’s official website and search the latest driver according to your printer model number. For updating Printer’s driver, press a right click on your printer’s icon and then click on Properties. Next, tap on “Update Driver” and update the drivers.

Eliminate Printing inconveniences by approaching on Samsung Printer Technical Support Number

If you are giving a printing command and still your printer is not responding then you should understand there is some technical problem with your printer. In such circumstances, if you find it difficult to fix printing annoyances on your own then achieve the professional support by making a call on Samsung Printer Technical Support Number 1-855-213-4314. Call us and enjoy hassle-free printing with Samsung printer.

Sunday, 10 December 2017

Unable to Print 8F Brother Printer J100

In order to resolve the issue of printing error “Unable to Print”, follow the set of instructions given below to resolve your issue:
  • First, plug off your Brother Printer from the power supply.
  • Now lift up the scanner cover using your fingers or any other tool until it gets into an open position.
  • DO NOT touch the encoder strip. The encoder strip is a clear plastic strip in front of the white vinyl band (surrounded in red shown in the picture below). If the encoder gets markings or debris on its surface, it may cause other problems.

  • Now, look inside of your machine to see if anything has got stuck inside your paper tray, clean it using a linen cloth and make sure it is not over-stuffed.

  • Move the print head to the side using your fingers and look inside or under it and see if there is any shred or broken piece of paper, if yes carefully remove it otherwise close the tray.

  • Close the scanner back and plug in the power cord to a constant power source.

  • If the error message is still getting displayed, then the issue could be with the encoder strip, and you need to get it cleaned or replaced.

  • While cleaning the encoder strip, you need to open your scanner head as mentioned above and then carefully clean the encoder strip without damaging it.

Hopefully, these steps helped you in resolving the issue. In case the problem still persists then it could be because of some more complicated software issue and we recommend expert guidance for such scenarios. Contact Brother Printer Tech Support Number 1-855-213-4314 who are available for 24*7 round the clock and capable of handling most complicated Printer issues with ease.

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