Sunday, 3 December 2017

Troubleshoot overheating issues of HP Laptop

In HP laptops, overheating is a common trouble that is faced by every user. It not only affects the performance of system but also damages hardware components such as motherboard and other internal components etc. If you have not taken this problem seriously then you can experience complex problems, in-fact your laptop battery can even explode.

Let’s see the troubleshooting procedure that you can apply when your HP laptop overheats -

1.First of all, power off laptop and disconnect from the power supply. After this, take a screwdriver and remove the screws from the bottom of the laptop to open the system case.

2.If you confront any problem then it might be possible you have missed a screw.

3.Now, search the laptop’s heat-sink because this is responsible for eliminating built-up heat.

4. After this, you have to clean the cooling pathways and vents properly. Also, spray the canned air into the nearby areas. If you can access laptop fan then also clean it

5.Overheating occurs when laptop cooling system get clogged due to debris. Use your fingers to clean large dust clumps and visible lint.

6.Also, make sure the wires are not loose that are plugged near cooling fan. If connections are loose then fix them and close the system case. Insert all screws at the proper location by using the screwdriver.
7.Now, turn on your laptop and check if you are experiencing overheating issue.
If you want to prevent your laptop from overheating then keep it clean and take proper care as it is a sensitive device.

Some important tips -

1. You should use a lint-free cloth to clean dirt from the clogged vents.
2. To avoid overheating issue, you can also use the laptop stand. If possible, then place your laptop on the hard and flat surface.
3. Shut down your laptop properly after finishing your work.
4. Purchase a laptop cooling mat and place your laptop on it.
5. Keep your laptop in the air-conditioned environment so that you can prevent overheating.
6. If your laptop battery has become old then replace it with a new one.

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