Friday, 9 June 2017

Dell Printer is not communicating with computer?

Dell printers is made up of a quality components and a very high-end printing solutions. This needs to maintain and repair at once, after sometime. Dell printers are more demanded in this global world. Such printer device gives smooth printing at any time or anywhere. In this blog, we discuss how to fix if Dell Printer is not communicating with computer? Get to troubleshoot by following these easiest steps and get in touch with our smart expertise.
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Steps for resolving dell printer is unable to communicate as:

Step-1 First turn off your dell printer device and get to start reboot the PC. Then turn your printer device again. This steps is an easiest way to fix an issue.

Step-2 Then after get to stop and start the windows print Spooler. Just follow these steps and get to fix an issue.
  1. First press or hold the Win+R key, in a same time. It appears a dialog box.
  2. Then need to copy by ctrl +c and paste by pressing a key as ctrl + v; services.msc in the given search box. Now click to the OK button.
  3. Now need to search Print Spooler in the given Name list. Then give a double click and get to open the properties section and its dialog box.
  4. In using a general tab, give a one click to stop the key button and then mark it as to disabled the service by clicking the OK key button.
  5. Now get to open the properties dialog box again and again. Give a click to start the button and then enabled it by clicking as OK.

Step-3 if still not communicating with a computer device then, uninstall the dell printer driver and update the driver again.
  1. For this issue, it may cause an error that corrupts the dell printer driver and then uninstall the printer device as on first priority.
  2. Firstly  disconnect your dell printer.
  3. Then hold the key as Win + R in a specific time. This asks to appear a dialog box.    
  4. While to do so, copy and paste the devmgmt.msc into a run box and then click to the OK key button.    

Step-4 First locate a dell printer device list. Under the print main menu, select to uninstall in the context. And also it requires to boot your device. If need any technical assistance then make a call right away at Dell Printer Technical Support Phone Number that is available for round the clock. Our techies are highly knowledgeable and has skilled work knowledge in diagnosing countable bugs in consuming less time.

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