Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Why is my Lexmark Printer suddenly offline? How to fix it?

Lexmark is a name of an electronic devices which manufactures several digital products such as printers, cameras, copiers, laser printers and many more devices. Here we are explained about Lexmark printers. These printers are designed for performing official and personal tasks. The user enjoys a different experience while performing printing tasks. Sometimes, the user faces unexpected error when the device is online but it shows offline. However, technical issues may arises at anytime in such devices. Just be relaxed and make a call at Lexmark Printer Support Number. Our services are accessible for twenty-four hours a day and three sixty-five days in a year. In this blog, we are discussing, why is my Lexmark printer suddenly offline? How to fix it?

Steps for diagnosing Lexmark Printer when it is showing offline:-

  1. Check wired connection- Make sure USB cables are connected properly in the right ports. If you have USB A-B cable then use this cable for connecting printer to your system.
  2. Set Printer as Online- Click on Start tab and select Control Panel. After this, click on Devices and Printers. Now select See What's Printing and click on the printer icon and press the Online button.
  3. Remove unfinished print jobs-.Go to See What's Printing Tab and cancel the printing jobs. Now click on Use Printer Online. If you are facing any mismatch then restart your printer and system.
  4. Reinstalling Printer Driver- Select Devices and Printers and click on Remove Device. Now again add the printer by clicking on Add a Device.
  5. Restore drivers and packages- Go to Start tab and click on All Programs. Select Accessories and open Command Prompt. After this, open Print Server Properties. Click on Driver and Package and remove it. Again, click on Devices and Printer for adding your device.

Prompt Solutions delivered by Lexmark Printer Technical Support

Usually a Lexmark printer customer have various issues that comes while using printer device and it is unable to troubleshoot on a real time such as an up-dation of a new software, setup of new latest Lexmark printer drivers that are not updated, or it has other reasons that brings a problematic situation and suffers a client's business work. We suggest them not to get panicked, here you can discuss all about new things that resolves all pitfalls surely. Our expertise Lexmark Printer Technical Help team is always ready to solve all hitches in a same time. So next time when you face any error with your printer, then give us a miss call at Lexmark Printer Support Number avails for 24/7/365. Get prompt solutions which was delivered by Lexmark Printer Customer Support Help desk Number and enjoy unbeatable services in a short span of time.

Contact at Lexmark Printer Technical Support

Facing difficulty when using a Lexmark printer, then feel free in such critical we are the solution for it. We provide best technical solution for all your printer problems. Our expertise Lexmark Printer Technical Help is always here to resolve all issues and diagnose it by using special tools. You need to give us a one miss call at Lexmark Printer Technical Support Number for any kind of problem related to Lexmark. Connect to Lexmark Printer Helpline Number that is a support service centre and it is available 24*7.
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